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Businesses and Corporations are always looking for sales. As a matter of fact, sales are what makes the money circulate in our world. If a company does not have sales, they can’t survive that’s why all companies need sales at all times.


David Lopez has been performing sales on behalf of many corporations for several years. A lot of companies have their internal sales team but they also need external sales people because they need to reach their sales goals.

As an external sales person he has to acquire clients by reaching business to business on a daily basis on behalf of these companies that would pay a commission per acquisition.


So, if he didn’t sell, the companies wouldn’t pay so that’s always been a part of the motivation to keep selling because no one likes to work for free.

All those companies trust David Lopez because he has always proven to be a high performer who brings results. Being respectful with his clients on behalf of the corporations is key because you don’t want to have complaints or make the companies look bad. That’s why he takes being professional so serious no matter what the situation is to have long lasting relationships.


He has also trained several teams to go out and perform well because of his ability to teach sales and most importantly proving results to the people he trained. People don’t learn to sell at a high level from someone who can’t perform. It is super important to set the example as the leader so the rest can follow and also set the standard for the team so they do not fall below it.

So many people would say no I am not interested when offering the products or services because they don’t like changes, they don’t like the product or simply because they don’t like or trust you. That’s why it’s important to sell yourself and handle all objections with persistence to be able to close the deal.


There are many factors when it comes down to selling, for example: eye contact, smile, enthusiasm, sales pitch, handling objections and plenty more. That’s why it’s important to practice over and over day after day to be able to perfect the skills.

Now David started his own company called Majesty Level Marketing where he helps businesses increase profits with marketing and sales strategies. He also is a mentor for people who want to learn about sales and be able to live a life of abundance using your own skills and not work as an employee for someone else.


Key points

Always be hungry to get better and bring the best out of you and you will always continue to impress yourself with your own growth.


Believe in yourself, believe in the product or service you’re selling and most importantly believe you will close the deal. If you don’t believe it why should others believe it. It all starts with you, if you have faith you will manifest all this into your life. Always stay persistent because it will always beat resistance.

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