Illustration for article titled “When I took ownership over what I could control instead of focusing on what I could not control, I was able to overcome the situation.”- Bobby Stocksem/em

Is there anything you would do differently if you could start over?

The biggest thing I would do differently is I would focus on my zones of genius instead of wasting time on parts of business that I’m not naturally good at. That was such a waste of time.


If you could travel back in time to before you started, what 3 tips would you give yourself and why?

First is focus on your zone of genius —- because you enjoy what you do and you make everybody around your better. Second tip, start basic and build complexity on later, the reason for that is I find humans makes things complex so they can avoid actually taking action. Third, never settle, if you don’t like the business situation you’re in, the business partnership you’re in —- if your gut is telling you to not do something, listen to it and take action now.

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