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How Sid Clevinger Grew His Advertising Agency to Millions in Sales in 19 Months

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Sid Clevinger will never forget that day, that day of freedom, that day fear, and that day of excitement. This was the day he started his entrepreneur journey in the advertising world.


He had been working on social media advertising or my business and friends for side money, usually just a couple hundred dollars a month with maybe 4 or five clients at a time. Sid did it because of the enjoyment and because it helped people make money. Not knowing how much money it could actually make him.

Now, pushing two years in business as a Digital Marketing Agency our company has done multiple millions in contracts with clients, worked with over 475 prospects, and generated over 35,000 leads for clients all around the world, including England, Canada, Australia, 42 of the 50 states of America and Amsterdam.


His agency has helped all types of people. From people selling sex toys online, all the way to multi-million-dollar condos for sale in Manhattan.

There are some things he did at the beginning and is still doing to this day to continually grow in this space in order to build his influence in this space.


Invest in Yourself with Someone Who Has Done It

It is imperative you find someone who has done this and follow them, be mentored by them, listen to them, follow them and be influenced by them.


“Over the course of my Agency I have had 4 mentors. I have spent over 150,000 dollars on those mentors and in return made over a million due to networks, trainings, masterminds, and events from those mentors.

When I started this journey, it was very scary. I believe it is scary for a lot of people. The questions start going through your head, Can I do it? I was also worried about what my family and friends think of me. What will the Facebook community think of me? I won’t lie, I was also concerned about other people calling me names. I also questioned whether I was good enough at these things. I would compare myself far too much to my competition. Wondering why would people pay me instead of paying him.”


It’s a life lesson and a rule for business that you need to think of being an entrepreneur. Who cares?

You need to learn that this is your journey, that this journey is meant for you to find your people, your tribe and change the world for them.


It is okay for Sid, it does not bother him at all.

“Once I got through this hurdle of wanting everyone to like me, opportunities started opening up for me everywhere.”


Taking No Days Off

He works every day and has done so since day one. Does this mean he doesn’t have fun, absolutely not. He travels all over the world and eats out almost every night. He enjoys life to the fullest, and works all at the same time.


“I follow something my grandfather taught me as a young age, that has influenced me my entire life and that is simply to strive to get one-percent better every day. To get better and grow every day.”

It does not sound like a lot. If you implemented this mindset daily, this little lesson will consistently year after year force you to be the best that you can be.


Following this little lesson over the past 19 months has helped him grow exponentially with his peers, family and friends.

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